Tuesday, July 28, 2009

T.T.T.: Things Take Time

Sooooooooooooo . . . . . .
Today's post is a bonus, as I've only committed to one french meal a week. But this one, Carbonnade de Boeuf a la Provencale (or casserole of beef, onions and potatoes), was a breeze to make. Granted, I substituted beef for some of D's venison. Yes, that's right, the vegetarian's husband hunts. Anywho, although it is indeed a breeze to make, it is somewhat time consuming. But not in a painful sort of way. Just the inner immediate gratification junkie in me does not want to slowly saute the onions for 20 minutes on low heat, she wants to sizzle those suckers on high heat within a minute! I silence this crazy western woman, and take the time to enjoy the slowly heating of the onions. I enjoy the process of putting together an incredible and oh so beautiful one dish meal that I can be supremely proud of.
"Put up in a place where it's easy to see
The cryptic admonishment
When you begin to feel how depressingly slowly you climb
It's good to remember that
Things Take Time.

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