Sunday, July 26, 2009

I say: "Let them eat crepes!"

My kiddo's are home!!!!! To honor the event I spent the morning making Julia Childs Crepes Fourrees Et Flambees (Crepes stuffed with Orange Butter and Almonds). This was such a delight! I began yesterday with the orange butter, a tad bit tedious, but so worth it and good news, can be made ahead and froze! I love anything that can be put in the freezer for a later date. So there was the rubbing of the sugar on the orange peel, then the peeling the orange off the peel with a veggie peeler, then the fine chopping of the peels with the sugar . . . oh and let's not forget the freshly squeezed orange juice, half a pound of butter, more sugar and some orange liquor just in case this wasn't sinful enough!
This morning it's up early to make up the crepe batter early enough to let it sit in the fridge for two hours before cooking. Time enough to get some dishes done, read and re-read recipe a few times, and to get the filling ready. The filling consists of the orange butter with some almond extract and 1/2 C. "pulverized blanched almonds).
Once the batter is ready, we heat up the pan, and brush it with some canola oil(the vegetarian in me wants nothing to do with meat today so I firmly resist rubbing the pan with a piece of bacon). I ladle in the first of the batter and try to get it to spread over the pan. Once bubbles start forming on the top of the crepe batter, I take my flipper and ease away at the sides, then take the bull by the horns (or pan by the handle) and in a jerking motion manage to flip that crepe up into the air successfully on my first try!!!
My only real downfall with this recipe is that it is supposed to make 18 crepes, I only got 8 out of it. We also did not flambe, as I've been buying just tiny sample sized orange liquor. *Note to self - if I'm to persist in this french cooking idea must always have on stock red wine, white wine, orange liquor, and kirsch*
So that's our Sunday adventure in a nutshell.

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