Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The French Canadian came out to play

I spent a little over a week sick. I did cook still and there are pictures (Truffles), to be shared at a later date perhaps.

This weeks entry is a couple days late.

Sunday evening I got in touch with my French-Canadian roots and created a pork roast au quatre espices. Typically this is drizzled with honey, but seeing as I was playiing tonight I drizzled in organic maple instead. The kids and "D" were in love with it! What I loved about this dish (seeing as I was not eating it), was the delicious smell as it slowly cooked in the oven. As well, I used some of the Rosemary I had been growing on the deck. My thumb is not very green, so this was oh so fun for me! The side dish was vegetarian friendly poutine. This I cheated at, and just kinda threw together from some quartered potatoes from the farmers market, some packaged vegan gravy and some brie I had sitting in the fridge (from the Brie parcels I had made the day before).

The kids were happy, "D" was happy, my house smelled incredible, I'd say it was a great Sunday night meal!



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